1. Analyze social policies, involve in social movements
    • analyze those social policies that affect people‚Äôs livelihood, e.g., social security, medical service, housing, social welfare and labour policy, etc
    • protest against injustice through social actions
    • defend basic rights of minorities
    • promote democracy and advocate a faster pace of political development
    • organize workshops for particular social issues
  2. Advocate for and promote Human Rights
    • concern and advocate for local and overseas human rights issues and write up Hong Kong human rights reports
    • concern human rights issues like gender equality, privacy, freedom of speech and equal opportunities for minorities, right of abode, etc.
    • produce educational kits, CD, booklets and exhibition boards and organize seminars and activities
  3. Promote social awareness within the church
    • organize activities to promote Catholic social teachings and social justice, e.g., talks, workshops, retreats, exposure, etc.
    • organize awareness programs for Basic Faith Communities and other groups in Church
    • support and educate parish social concern groups
    • study Catholic Social Teachings, Social Ethics and the related topics
  4. Concern about Chinese affairs
    • Concern the situation of the Church in China, analyze and examine the social situations of China
    • organize seminars, courses and sharing meetings and various activities on recent development of China
    • concern and advocate for china human rights issues such as death penalty, religious freedom, June 4 event, tiananmen mothers compaign and coal miners.
  5. Publication
    • Justice and Peace Newsletter and Social teaching Series
    • Human rights educational kits of various topics
    • Booklets on specific topics
  6. Others
    • Columns in diocesan weekly Kung Kao Po