Birds in the Cage -- Freedom of  Religious Belief in China


Basic information
1. Freedom of Religious Belief in the Constitution
and the Laws of the People's Republic of China
2. China's Religious Policies and Management Structure
3. The Structure and Development of the Open Church in China
4. Overview of the Underground Church in China
The Situation of the Catholic Church in China
1. Introduction
2. Report of Violations of Basic Religious Rights in Recent Years
• Disappearances
• Arrests, House Arrests and Surveillance
• Other Situations of Abuse
• Demolition and Damaging of Churches
3. Phenomenon and Commentary
Perspectives on Religious Freedom in China
1. China and the Catholic Church —The Country is Changing, not the Regime
Father Gianni Criveller, PIME
2. Religious Freedom in China: Its Range and Constraints
from the Perspective of Ideology and Ruling Policies
Dr. Ying Fuk-tsang
3. Sources of Religious Freedom in China
Dr. Chan Shun-hing
4. Difficulties in Legislating Law On Religon in China
Anthony Lam Sui-ki
Three Priests: Three Views on Religious Freedom in Mainland China
1. Father Tan Tiande — Witness of Faith
2. Father Franco Mella — A Priest in a Dialogue of Faith
3. An Interview with Bishop Joseph Zen Ze-kiun on Religious Freedom in Mainland China
1. Seminar on Religious Freedom in China
2. Three Documents of the Catholic Church in China
    • "The System for the Joint Conference of Chairpersons of the Chinese Catholic
Patriotic Association and of the Bishops Conference of the Catholic Church in China"
    • "Work Regulations for the Chinese Patriotic Association"
    • "A Management System for Catholic Dioceses in China"
3. Estimated Statistics for the Chinese Catholic Church 2003
4. Chronology of Major Events of the Catholic Church in China
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