「2010 Justice & Peace」Calendar


Dear Brothers and Sisters,
May the Peace of God be with you!
The year of 2010 is approaching. We have published a calendar called “2010 Justice and Peace” to celebrate the year of 2010. All those children in the calendar were from the urban poor communities in the Philippines. From those beautiful faces, you could hardly imagine that most of them are living in dumping sites, along the railroads, or even in the cemeteries.
We have purposely put some messages in the calendar. We wish to tell the truth that it is not the individuals who have brought poverty and injustice onto themselves. It is the result of greediness and corruption, which were built up by the ruling authorities.
Most Pilipino are born optimistic and with sunny personalities. No matter what harshness they face, they are still strong and will endeavor. They are willing to work aboard, to improve the living standards of their families; for the sake of the nation and social justices, they are willing to sacrifice their lives. After the typhoon in September this year, many people still cannot return home, simply because they cannot afford the repairing cost.
The donation arising from the calendar will be sent to organizations helping the urban poor. We hope your generosity will enable the kids to have a full meal at least once in a week, or make it possible to send few more children to school.
Please fill in the attached form and send it to us at 2539 8023 (fax) or by email: [email protected]. If you have any queries, please call us at 2560 3865.
Thank you very much for your support!

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


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