Asian Institute for Social Advocacy-VIII (Pattaya, July 2011)
Myanmar Report
Survival-data Migrant-Ips
MATRIX Migrants
1)  HK Matrix-Advocacy for IPs and Migrants
2)  Myanmar-Matrix
3)  Singapore Matrix-Advocacy for Migrants
4)  Socio Pastoral Adovocay
5)  Thailand Migrants
An Indian Reading of Genesis: Perspectives of Indigenous People and Migrants --- A. Maria Arul Raja, SJ ---
Migrants are Co-Humans: A Probe into Indian Scenario --- Richard Lourdu Dass, SJ & Leo Anand, SJ, Arul Kadal Theology Centre, Chennai ---
Rereading Bible with Dispersed Migrants and Disempowered Indigenous People --- A.Maria Arul Raja SJ ---
Response of the Church in Asia to the Appeal of Caritas in Veritate
Caritas in Veritate: Response of the Church(Ewald Dinter, SVD.)
Country Report – Pakistan - Fr. Bonnie Mendes
Report of India
Migrants in South Korea
Situation and challenges of migrants and their families in the Philippines
Situationsof Migrants Sri Lanka
Situation and Challenges of Migrants in Thailand Inspiring a Church Response
You are my SISTER…my BROTHER…
Semi-government organizations for the support of foreigners and their services
ASEAN Declaration On The Protection And Promotion Of The Rights Of Migrant Workers
Civil Society Proposal: ASEAN Framework Instrument on the Protection and Promotion of the Rights of Migrant Workers
Task Force On ASEAN Migrant Workers
Recommendations from the 3rd ASEAN Forum on Migrant Labour



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Current Situations of the Migrant Domestic Helpers in Hong Kong
Current Situation of the Foreign Domestic Workers in HK
The International Human Rights Convention
The Bethune House
Home for Women Migrant Workers in Need
Take Your Rights Seriously
A practical manual for learning about the legal rights, obligations and politics of migrant workers in Hong Kong

The Campaign for a Legislated Minimum Wage and the Foreign Domestic Workers