Stop using Violence, Building Peace & Justice

Stop using Violence ,Building Peace and Justice


  We are organisations representing workers, students, and several religions as well as groups advocating human rights, environmental protection and sustainable development. We have the following response and reflection concerning the September 11 attack.
  1. As a member of the global family, we want to express our compassion and solidarity with the victims of the tragedy in the United States on September 11 and their families.
  2. From a humanitarian point of view, we condemn those who committed these violent acts which caused thousands of people to die. We denounce the use of violence to resolve injustice because injustice can never be used as a justification for violence.
  3. With the proliferation of globalization, this incident cannot be isolated from other tragic events in other parts of the world. We must re-examine the unjust structure of the world today and try to understand what prompts violence before we can address how to stop it.
  4. As a global citizen, we don’t want more violence created in the world, for violence cannot liberate us from further terrorism. Using violence to react to violence only created a cycle of never-ending violence. We thus urge government leaders in the United States and around the world to base their reaction on justice and peace, not revenge.
  5. We want to create this open space for all of us to come together to express our yearning for world peace and justice at this time. We hope that by reaching out to people of other faiths, other colors, other nationalities, other ethnic and cultural backgrounds, that we will begin to see each other this evening, not as threats to each other, but as friends. Our coming together tonight is the first step toward weaving our dreams of building a more just and peaceful world togeter.



Amnesty International, Hong Kong Section, Asia Monitor Resource Center, Asian Human Rights Commission, Christians for Hong Kong Society, Greenpeace, Hong Kong Christians Institute, Hong Kong Christians Industrial Committee, Justice and Peace Commission of the HK Catholic Diocese, Oxfam Hong Kong, Student Christians Movement, HK

September 2001