No More Tragedies !  No More Victims of WTO !


No more Tragedies !
No more Victims of WTO !
A Candle Light Vigil

Ten years of WTO created enormous number of victims
Some of them died from sickness.
The TRIPS of WTO restricted the production of cheap medicine in developing countries to protect the profit of multinational pharmaceutical companies. Poor patients could not afford the expensive medicine and as a result they just wait to die.
Some of them died from hunger.
The WTO allows the rich countries to subsidize agro-business firms while the small farmers in the developing countries have to face bankruptcies. Many of them had borrowed heavy debts for fertilizers and pesticides. There are even some who opt to commit suicide because they have no way out.
Some of them died from exhaustion.
WTO put profit above human rights and forces workers to compete to a race to the bottom.  Workers have to work for long working hours, low wages and poor conditions of health and safety.  They have to sacrifice their life and dignity.
Some of them sacrifice their life to appeal for concern,
The policy of WTO is an indirect murderer. On 10 of September of 2003, one hardworking, kind old peasant man from Korea sacrificed his life to complain against the injustice brought by WTO
No more tragedies! No more victims of WTO!

We are inviting you join the candle light vigil to express our mission of no more tragedies! No more victims of WTO! Through the vigil, we would like to commemorate every victim and extend our solidarity to build a fair, just and pro-people future. 

Date: 10 September 2005 (Sat)
Time: 7 - 8:30 pm
Location: Tsim Sha Tsim Star Ferry (near the five flag poles)
Theme: Exhibition, Candle light Vigil, Poem, Songs, Memorial Service
Contact: 3173 8412  Mabel AU
Organizer: Hong Kong People’s Alliance on WTO
Hong Kong People's Alliance on WTO
Tel: 3173 8412
Fax: 3173  8413