Call to Prayer for Peace


Call to Prayer for Peace
(This statement was released on March 20, 2003, the day that war against Iraq began.)
As people of faith, we have been praying for peace during the past few months. We are deeply disturbed and saddened by the outbreak of war in the Middle East. We condemn the decision of the political leaders in Washington, London and Madrid to attack Iraq. Their action strikes a heavy blow to the authority of the United Nations on whose intervention the hopes of the nations for a more peaceful world rest in international disputes.
Today we call upon all people of faith in our city to renew their efforts in the prayer for peace. May the almighty God protect the innocent victims of war in Iraq from harm and may He bring a speedy end to hostilities!
We call upon the world's political leaders, religious communities and all people of good will to turn their hearts towards peace, to build bridges between different communities and nations and to contribute towards the efforts to promote a lasting peace for the people of Iraq and their neighbours.
Signed By:
  • Justice & Peace Commission of the Hong Kong Catholic Diocese
  • American Baptist Mission, Hong Kong
  • Asian Human Rights Commission
  • Christian Conference of Asia
  • Christians for Hong Kong Society
  • Church Unity and Relations Committee of the Hong Kong Christian Council
  • Documentation for the Action Groups in Asia
  • Hong Kong Catholic Institute Staff Association
  • Hong Kong Christian Industrial Committee
  • Hong Kong Christian Institute
  • Hong Kong & Macau Franciscan Family Union
  • Kowloon Union Church
  • Shum Oi Church, Social Concern Fellowship-The Church of Christ in China, Hong Kong Council
  • St. Mary's Church, Social Concern Group
  • Star of the Sea Parish
  • Student Christian Movement of Hong Kong
  • Student Union of the Theology Division of the Chung Chi College of the Hong Kong Chinese University
  • United Muslim Association of Hong Kong