Catholic Social Teaching
LINKS to Catholic Social Teaching websites

LINKS to Catholic Social Teaching websites Social Teaching (Conference of Leaders of Religious Institutes, Queensland Social Action Office)
Through this website, you can have a short introduction to Catholic Social Teaching and two modules on aspects of Catholic Social Teaching, including Catholic Social Teaching and the Prison System and the Environment respectively.
Faith Doing Justice - Making Catholic Social Teaching Accessible
This web resource is a partnership between Church Resources and the Loyola Institute to provide resources fostering a faith that does justice. It offers a plain English introduction to Catholic teaching on issues of justice in society. You can start by exploring key principles, particular issues, or what’s on. You can subscribe to their free monthly electronic newsletter to keep up to date on issues, activities and new resources. You can join their email based forum to explore with others how Catholic Social Teaching can inform our positions and actions.
Catholic Social Teaching (Office for Social Justice, Archdiocese of St Paul and Minneapolis)
Through this site all the major Catholic Social Teaching documents can be accessed. It also has a very comprehensive reading list on Catholic Social Teaching and very good resources for Catholic educators.
Australian Catholic Social Justice Council - Catholic Social Teaching
The Australian Catholic Social Justice Council was created in 1987 by the Australian Catholic Bishops' Conference to be the national social justice and human rights agency of the Catholic Church in Australia. It seeks to:
• Build social justice networks
• Educate on issues
• Research public policy issues
• Present Catholic Social Teaching
• Promote a spirituality of justice
• Advocate change for a more just society.
The Vatican
All of the Popes' encyclicals can be accessed through this site. After entering the site, click on The Holy Father. The encyclicals can be found by clicking on the relevant Pope and then on Encyclicals. Apostolic letters, homilies, speeches, etc. for each Pope since Leo XIII can also be accessed.
The Social Teaching of the Church (Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection)
This site has a whole section dedicated to the Social Teaching of the Church. There are links to very good articles under the headings of CST & Inculturation, CST & Human Rights, CST its origin & everyday life, CST in Zambia, CST & Workers, and CST & the constitution.
Center of Concern
The Center of Concern envisions a world in which every woman, man and child can survive, thrive, and contribute back to their communities, enhancing life for all who share the planet. Through research, analysis, networking, public education and advocacy, the Center works to advance more just, sustainable and authentically human development for all, especially for the marginalized and those in poverty. Rooted in the Catholic social tradition, with its rich set of values and principles, the Center embraces and promotes the shared religious social values of all faith communities.
Other Catholic Social Teaching websites:
·         Access to Catholic Social Justice Teachings
·         Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good - Catholic Social Teaching
·         The Busy Christian's Guide to Catholic Social Teaching
·         Theology Library - Catholic Social Teaching
Other relevant websites:
·         Pax Christi USA
·         NETWORK (A National Catholic Social Justice Lobby in USA)